Cline Chiropractic 
Rehabilitation Center

                Dr. Nicholas Cline D.C.

As a patient at Cline Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center, you can expect straight answers, expert knowledge, and respect for both your health and pocket book.

Cline Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center LLC. has really grown on the greater Douglas County area.
We provide world class health care, both chiropractic and physical therapy, for a very affordable cost.
Dr. Cline will take the time to examine each patient. He will treat them as an individual rather than just another number. After examination, Dr. Cline will discuss with each new patient and/or each new injury, the probable outcomes, prognosis and treatment of the injury or disease. If the healthcare that we give here is the correct approach for your ailments, then we will start treatment immediately. There are NEVER any big hoops to jump through or LONG-TERM treatment plans to sign up for.
 Here at Cline Chiropractic we truly want our patients to respond to our treatments and recover as efficiently as possible.
Dr. Cline is not your usual chiropractor. He is proud to work with a whole network of other primary health physicians, surgeons, and pain specialists. In fact, after evaluation, if Dr. Cline feels that this is not a chiropractic and/or physical therapy type of injury or disease, he goes out of his way to refer the patient to the correct physician for your ailment.
Finally, Dr. Cline has vast knowledge of the human body when it comes to injuries, disease and arthritis. He not only has book smarts, but also plenty of hands on and real life experience. He was a National Champion wrestler for Southern Oregon University, and also continues to work with athletes on the high school, college, and professional levels.
So if you're looking for a well rounded, energetic, and caring chiropractor, you've come to the right place.
Please call to make an appointment today.


10:30 am- 6:30 pm

Tuesday  10:30 am-
   6:30 pm
Wednesday     8 am-
    3 pm
Thursday   10:30 am-
   6:30 pm
Friday     8 am-
    3 pm
Saturday & Sunday    Closed
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